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WATERthe most crucial element of life...Whether you have a farm, a hayfield, or a golf course, without proper water distribution systems your property can be seriously compromised.

Used Aluminum Irrigation Pipe - Sprinkler, Gated, & Mainline Aluminum Pipe
Used Sprinkler Pipe

Used Siderolls
Gated Pipe
PVC Pipe & Fittings, gaskets
Berkeley New & Used Pumps
- centrifugal Diesel, submersible, PTO Tractor Driven, Turbine
Slurry Pumps

Rainbird - Sprinklers, Drip Systems
Rain Guns - Raindrop, Nelson, Rainbird
Fresno - Air Vents, Check Valves, Alfalfa Valves, Pressure Relief Valves
Cooling Jackets, Butterfly Valves, Epoxy Coated Fittings, Hose
Siphon tubes
Many more types of irrigation supplies and parts...

Waterdog Irrigation places a great deal of emphasis 
on satisfying the detailed needs of each and every client.

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